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ABT CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

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ABT CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

A water Jet machine is used for cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water . This machine works based on a powerful water pump . High pressure water is then ejected from a narrow nozzle .  At the same time , an abrasive material is mixed with water . High pressure water as a carrier of abrasive substance , eject it from nuzzle . In fact , high speed of abrasive material caused erosion on the workpiece and cut it finally. CNC cutting machine works as a controller of the nozzle and its fine movement made possible by the system software.
These machines are made in different models . ABT is one of those models . The arm system in ABT Water Jet machine aims to optimize the system and provides unique capabilities .


1- Less space for installation .
2- Easy loading and dumping .
3- Easy dumping of the contents of table .
4- Use of gear rack.
5- Elegant design of the framework .
6- Very little depreciation .
7- Easy maintenance due to modular electronic parts and simple replacement system .
8- Full Persian Language Support software, compatible with Windows XP , excellent layout and features .
9- Lower cost compared with the ABG model .


Machine Specifications




Ac 380 v  50hz


AC Servo Motors


In coder 10000 Pulse/r


10000 (mm/min)

Maximum machine speed

5000 (mm/min)

Maximum cutting speed

0.1 (mm)

The maximum error in each axis

the  Maximum error of control system

0.01 (mm)














forest-house-brings-indoors-ASE-CNC-Water-Jet-Cutting-Machine-Topcncmachine-Glass-Mirror        Commercial ASE-CNC-Water-Jet-Cutting-Machine-Topcncmachine-Glass-Mirror


Technical information water jet


General information devices


ABT Model

Model name

3000 mm *2000 mm



Dimensions Of machine


Number of cutting head torch

250 kg

weight of the moving machined

1600 kg

Total weight of Machine(rails and desktop)

AC 220 V, 50HZ

Operating voltage

10000 mm/min

Max speed of machine

0.1 mm

The maximum error of machine in each axis

0.01 mm

The maximum error of control system

Depending on the power of water jet pump

Maximum thickness of cutting

cutting head –pipe –valve-nozzle

Cutting devices


Stop and connect water flow system

Electrically by the operator

Cutting head height control system

Installation ( to order )

Automatic cutting head height control system

8 major and minor direction for cutting without a computer

Additional panel screen for easy operator access

By key of the panel control

Rapid increase system to three times of the speed


ASE-CNC-Water-Jet-Cutting-Machine-Topcncmachine-Glass-Mirror-building-sampel       Waterjet-ASE-CNC-Water-Jet-Cutting-Machine-Topcncmachine-Glass-Mirror-building


Software info


Software is installed in win XP and 7

Array to optimize the cut pieces of plate

Possible to set the starting point of cutting, the cutting distance of the main

Priority to other forms of cutting

Scale mode

Design parts or use the patterns

cutting Information ; length cutting, work time, cutting time and …

System information from files produced by Auto CAD (transfer with flash, CD or network)



Technical information Components




Motor type

Working voltage


Rotational speed




Ac servo motor

220 v Ac


3000 R.P.M