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Our company Since 1998 ; Topcncmachine mission is to provide customers with the best cutting equipment and service in the industry....





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CO2 Laser Processing Topics

Understanding and Optimizing Processes : A Technical Look at Three Common CO2 Laser Processing Topics CO2 Laser Marking Glass This document is designed to provide some understanding of glass marking using a CO2 laser, but ultimately to successfully mark glass using a SYNRAD CO2 laser , FH Series marking head and Win Mark Pro Laser Marking Software . Three glass marking methods are described in this document along with best starting point conditions and information to allow the end user to iterate towards the best...


An Introduction to Waterjet Cutting

An Introduction to Waterjet Cutting   As one of the fastest growing machine tool industries, water jet cutting has proven to save time and money on countless applications such as metal cutting and stone cutting. See the advantages of water jet cutting and view our photo album of different uses for the tool. Whether it's cutting sheet metal, titanium, granite, marble, or steel - water jet might be the answer for you.   Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Let's Take a Look... Waterjet cutting is best described as an accelerated...