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PARN Wood Carving Machine

PARN Wood Carving Machine Then PARN machine is a cost effective model for small workpieces . It is lightweight , small size and simple to transport ,  so it can be used in small decoration shops . In fact , this machine is suitable for inlaying decorative workpieces . This machine is low cost and investment on it would be cost-effective .   Details Specification Dimension 600*800*140 Power 750 kw Spindle 18000 rpm Axes Y.Z.R Max control system error 0.01 mm Max machine error 0.1...


NEGI Wood Carving Machine

NEGI Wood Carving Machine Many inlaid work has performed on round shapes such as : furniture base , full-length statue , decorative columns and many other decorative products . Inlaying over this workpieces is only possible by rotating them . NEGI Machine specially designed for this purpose and is capable to inlay simultaneously over multiple workpieces . Number of spindles and machine width can be customized as per customer order .      Details Specification Dimension 2500*1000*180 Power 2.2...


NEGA Wood Carving Machine

NEGA Wood Carving Machine In this model , a new feature added : a rotary mechanism for inlaying over non-flat shapes (circular) .In fact , the rotary axis of this machine turns the part to provide the possibility of all surface of the workpiece . So this machine is very useful and cost effective for furniture making industries because it can process flat-shapes as well as round shapes such as furniture base .     Technical info Ac 380 v   50 Hz Voltage 2.2 kw Spindle power   130 * 250...


Multi Wood Carving Machine

Multi Wood Carving Machine   This machine is used for inlaying woods . This operation can be done for a single product project or mass production of small size inlaid . This machine is able to work on multiple workpiece by gaining multiple spindles . This machine is able to produce multi workpiece simultaneously.     Ac 380 v   50 Hz Voltage 2.2 kw Normal spindle power 360*250*30 cm Work 22000 rpm Max Spindle 3 kw Power Consumption Ac servo...


KAS Wood Carving Machine

KAS Wood Carving Machine   The KAS Inlaid Milling machine is a device for inlaying in three dimension or more . Inlaying on different materials such as wooden products , Ertalon , Teflon and soft materials is of this machine capability . Working with this machine is very easy . After three dimensional drawing is designed , software such as Power Mill or Master Cam converts the design to G Code file . So the software of the machine can read this G Code file.   Ac 380 v   50 Hz Voltage 2.2...