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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

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CNC Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting eliminates machining operation in production phase. So , many customers use this method for reducing production costs . The word “ laser ” is as an acronym for ” Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ” .

How Lasers Works ?

Basic Concepts
Some materials have instabilities to hold the electrons of their last orbit in their atoms . The energy level of these electrons changes due to absorption of energy . This change causes the releasing of photons and if the quantity of these photons rose to a sufficient level , they can cut materials .
In practice , a tube containing active substances which can be in solid , liquid or gas form excited by a high energy pulse source. In fact , this tube resonate the instability of its contents . Excited atoms inside the tube go back and forth between two ends of the tube which are semi reflected mirrors . This movement itself causes amplification of atoms energy . Finally high energy atoms pass through one of end-mirrors and produce laser .
Laser beam hits the solid surface and causes direct conversion of solid to the gas (sublimation) due to its high energy . This phenomenon reduces the heat-affected zone ( HAZ ) and so causes a direct cutting line without distortion .

Frame-Grab-Industrial-metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-topcncmachine [1]    Industrial-metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-topcncmachine [2]

Laser Advantages:

1- Very fast cutting
2- Low cost
3- Nice and smooth cutting edges, with low distortion
4- Flexibility in cutting various types of materials.
Laser cutting has certain advantages compared to Plasma cutting . Laser cutting is much more accurate and uses less energy . Level of accuracy and quality of edges are better than of traditional cutting methods . It is worth mentioning that in laser cutting the workpiece contamination is greatly reduced .

metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-sampel-topcncmachine [3]    cad-cam-software-Industrial-metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-topcncmachine [4]

Laser Cutting Software :

1- Importing various DWG and DXF file format .
2- Preview the file before opening and saving .
3- Storage and retrieval of cutting data after processing .
4- Reviewing saved files by TCMC software in all CAD setting programs .
5- Full-screen mode for full view of the drawings .
6- Execute arbitrary processing of all or part of the crop : Scale , Rotate , Move , and Delete .
7- Create and add a pattern using available templates .
8- Edit and save new templates by the user .
9- Archiving and viewing history of all processing operations without limitation for recovery purposes .
10- Define preheat time , preheat appendage and cutting priority .
11- Smart processing of shapes for minimizing sheet settings .
12- Determine dimensions of the sheet as you wish .
13- Defined margins and invalid areas on the sheet ( Sheet Alignment )
14- Determining angle of sheet on the table for ease of sheet loading ( Nesting )
15- Calculate the optimal layout of the sheet to reduce waste .
16- Determine the number and spacing of shapes .
17- Determine the starting point for cutting and cutting direction ( Flip Nesting ) .
18- Rotate shapes in the layout relative to each other ( Manual Nesting ) .
19- Processing single row and columnar mode of the layout : delete , move and rotate .
20- Defining the priority for cutting in the layout .
21- Storing and viewing of log ( history of processing operations ) .
22- Zoom in and Zoom out and Auto Moving .
23- Automatically displays the current coordinates of the cutting place on the center of the display .
24- Forward and backward cutting and stop command .
25- View , Layout , cutting and . . .
26- Graphical view of the part during cutting operation .
27- Continue cutting from the previous position .
28- Hand-cutting, with free 360 ° freedom .
29- Hand movements during automatic cutting .


metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-sampel-steel-topcncmachine [5]     metal-cnc-laser-cutting-machine-industrial-sampel-topcncmachine [6]


Max cutting area 500*500mm 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.08mm ±0.10mm
MAX Laser Power (w) 600 600 600
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Max. cutting thickness Stainless steel 4mm, carbon steel 6mm Stainless steel 4mm, carbon steel 6mm Stainless steel 4mm, carbon steel 6mm
Min Cutting line width 0.15mm 0.15mm 0.15mm
MAX Cutting speed 3000mm/min 3000mm/min 3000mm/min
Electricity consumption ≤ 20KW ≤ 20KW ≤ 20KW
Power supply 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Cooling System Water Water Water


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