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H Beam Assembling Machine

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H Beam Assembling Machine

First , flange and web plate entered in the T state to the machine . Then the operator begins to junction the structure by moving the machine forward . In the next step , the operator turns the beam and adds another flange to build the H beam . ِDriving force of the machine provides by motor , gearbox and hydraulic jacks .
1- Equipped with two 350 MIG welding machine (as per customer order)
2- Up and down jacks for fixing the workpiece.
3- Down pedal for easy operation .
4- Before and after table with movable pulleys .
5- Installation of additional web-knob and Flange-knob in the tables of the machine .
6- Powerful hydraulic system .
7- Display with appropriate design for easy operation .


AC380 v 50hz


200 - 1500

Web height

6 - 32

Web plate  thickness

200 - 600

Web Width

6 - 40

Flange plate  thickness


Length conveyor



Gears and chains

Transition system power in pulley

Ball Screw

Transition system in web and flange fixture

Hydro Motor

Transition motor in web and flange fixture

h-beam-assembly-machine-topcncmachine-motor-hydraulic          h-beam-assembly-machine-topcncmachine-motor-hydraulic-power

Advantages :

  •  Equipped with two 350 MIG welding machine (order)
  •  Up and down jack for fix the structure
  •  Down Pedal to make operate easier.
  •  Tables before and after the machine with moving  pulley.
  •   Powerful Hydraulic system


H-Beam Production Line :

For H-beam production, it can be divided into semi-automatic line and automatic line . Semi-automatic line , which is composed of individual machines , consists of CNC cutting machine , H-beam assembly machine , H-beam welding machine and H-beam flange straightening machine . The machines are separate controlled ; and the work-piece conveying and overturning are realized by overhead crane . It’s very flexible and allows to add machines for different stages to improve the efficiency. Based on the semi-automatic line , it can make up H-beam automatic production line by adding the steel shift machine , overturning machine and conveyors . This line is integrated controlled except H-beam assembly machine and the unloading process of H-beam straightening machine which need the help of overhead crane . All the other feeding and overturning of work-piece can be achieved by means of steel shift machine , overturning machine and conveyors . It has a high degree of automation and especially suitable for heavy duty type H-beam production . There are 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.0m H-beam automatic production line which are divided according to the different web sizes .