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PARN Wood Carving Machine

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PARN Wood Carving Machine

Then PARN machine is a cost effective model for small workpieces . It is lightweight , small size and simple to transport ,  so it can be used in small decoration shops . In fact , this machine is suitable for inlaying decorative workpieces . This machine is low cost and investment on it would be cost-effective .


Details Specification
Dimension 600*800*140
Power 750 kw
Spindle 18000 rpm
Axes Y.Z.R
Max control system error 0.01 mm
Max machine error 0.1 mm


CNC-Wood-Craving-Milling-Machine-Mini-Topcncmachine-PARN-Sample-4       CNC-Wood-Craving-Milling-Machine-Mini-Topcncmachine-PARN-Sample-two-head-4