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SAR CNC Glass Drilling Machine

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SAR Glass Drilling Machine

TopCNCMachine Company has been able to constantly introduce new word class product with the aid of engineering team and its professionals. Glass CNC drilling machine facilitates drilling operation of the glass with high precision capability, smoothness and high capabilities.
As we know, optimal using of time and facilities for manufacturing has been the permanent concern of any industrial unit. But today, two other concerns seem necessary for success of industrial units:

1) decreasing wastes

2) production flexibility.

SAR ( Sarang ) CNC Drilling machine grants you all these features simultaneously.
Glass drilling is a fine process: every error causes breakage and spotted edges . Also, any user error during drilling causes displacement of holes against each other and as a result, the whole glass work will be unusable. On the other hand, drilling the glass performed with large number of holes, while they should be fully adjusted. Please note that in mass production phase, timing is very important. Considering the above problems, non-automatic glass drilling seems very hard and not cost-effective. SAR model will save you from all of these problems and you benefit from the following advantages:


1- Fully automatic.
2- Reducing glass waste.
3- Reducing production time.
4- Reducing drilling errors: drilling intervals, drilling angle and drilling diameter.
5- Increase quality of drilling for avoiding avoids spotted glass.
6- Ball screw motion system with very high precision.
7- Drilling both sides of the glass simultaneously improves the quality and speed.
8- Spraying water through the bit.
9- Rail lubrication.
10- Increasing spindles and simultaneous drilling are possible.
11- Performing consecutive and unlimited drilling plan on many glasses and automatic identification of next glass sheet.
12- Equipped with anti-wear conveyor.
13- Full Persian environment and very user friendly.


Description Specifications
System Controller PC Base
The maximum height of the glass 2600mm
The maximum distance between two drilling (H) 2400 mm
The maximum length of glass 3200mm
The minimum dimensions for drilling glass 600 × 50 mm
Thickness of glass 3 – 40 mm
The maximum weight of the glass loadable 817 kg
Maximum drilling diameter 8 cm
Speed of Glass 5000 mm/min
The speed of the drill 0.2 – 2 mm/s
Velocity Drills 0 – 5000 r.p.m
Engine power drill 2.2 kw
Power Consumption of Devices 7.5 kw
Column type drilling Close Up
Same number of spindles installed 2 + 2


Glass Drilling Software Features :

1- Compatible with all versions of Windows, with the Persian Language Support.
2- Display simulation environment.
3- Importing G Code files.
4- Adjustment of cutting speed (feed rate) and rotational speed.
5- Manual command ( G code ).
6- Defining plate glass sizes.
7- Set the desired number of holes in a plate glass.
8- Defining the front side spindle progress against back side spindle progress.
9- Show the location of the hole relative to the size of the sheet plate.
10- Unlimited storage of created files.

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